1. Are YOU a TRUE Pittsburgh Baseball Fan? Test Your Skills!

  2. Best of PGH 2024

    Best of PGH 2024

  3. Cannabis Strain or Band Name?

  4. Cars


  5. CP Extra Intro Survey

  6. CP's March Big Fat Quiz of the Month

  7. Craft Beer

  8. Fourth of Ju-lie

  9. How much do you know about Labor Day?

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  10. How well do you know the dogs of Allegheny County?

  11. How Well Do You Know Your Pittsburgh-Based Films?

  12. Jessie Sage

  13. Jessie Sage

    Jessie Sage

    Too embarrassed to ask your friends about a sexual position? Want to know what it’s really like to work in the sex industry?

    Jessie Sage wants to hear from you! Submit a question for a chance to get them answered in an upcoming column.

  14. May Quiz of the Month

  15. Pittsburgh City Paper's Promotion 18

  16. Pittsburgh City Paper's Promotion 33

  17. Pittsburgh City Paper's Promotion 34

    Pittsburgh City Paper's Promotion 34

    Do you need to let the community know about a change in your business hours or practices during this time of quarantine? Fill out this survey and you will receive a free message advertisement on our behalf!

  18. Pittsburgh City Paper's Promotion 35

  19. Pittsburgh City Paper's Sweepstakes

    Pittsburgh City Paper's Sweepstakes

    School season is just about to start! Enter now for a chance to win a Back to School Shopping Spree thanks to our sponsor.

  20. Real or Fake: Derby Horse Names

  21. Register to Win 2 Tickets to Winter Beerfest 2019!

  22. Show us how much of a yinzer you are, and we'll recommend a holiday gift for you!

  23. SIGN UP for the All of Us research study TODAY and receive a $25 Giant Eagle gift certificate!

  24. What Kind of Pasta are You?

  25. What Pittsburgh Concert Venue are You?

  26. What Pizza Topping Are You?

  27. What Thanksgiving Food are You?

  28. What type of pickle are you?

  29. Where will you get lucky in Pittsburgh this Valentine's Day?

  30. Which gross holiday food are you?

  31. Which hot dog cooking method are you?

  32. Which Notorious Pittsburgh Intersection Are You?

    Which Notorious Pittsburgh Intersection Are You?

  33. Which of Santa's Reindeer are You?

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